Sunday, July 27, 2014

Synthetic Cannabinoid Illnesses in NY - July 2014

Officials in New York are issuing a warning with regards to a small outbreak of synthetic cannabinoid illnesses which have sent at least 15 people to the emergency room in East and Central Harlem and Chelsea over the last few days.

The report also stated that in New York synthetic cannabinoid associated visits to the emergency department have increased by 220% (assuming this is in comparison to 2013).

New York legislation doesn't explicitly control any of the newer waves of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists, but it does broadly define what a synthetic cannabinoid is and what a synthetic cannabinoid analog is.

This report seems on the small side especially when compared to recent reports in Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, but these things always start small and increase rapidly. I'll update if I see any more information.

UPDATE / July 28, 2014 at 1:30 pm:

Here is the actual NY Department of Health and Mental Hygiene press release.

Also, here is a link from a story over at the Village Voice Blogs. I simply love the title (minus the "fake weed" terminology).

I still don't see any reports on what specific adverse effects have been encountered. Or of course no mention of analytical confirmation at this point.

Stay safe.


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