Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wait for the tox...

News broke the other day about a "face eater" and unprovoked attack that ended in two deaths in Florida. Of course the media jumped all over the possible drug angle. They've asked, could it be flakka? Some have said, yes, he was high on flakka.

Of course they did.

But let's wait for the toxicology analyses to come back. At this point, I seriously doubt any toxicology tests (outside of routine drug screens) have been completed. I'm sure tests will be run for cathinones such as MDPV and alpha-PVP (the supposed ingredient in flakka). Probably NBOMe hallucinogens as well. I'm sure an extensive and comprehensive toxicological analysis will be undertaken.

But, that takes time - this ain't CSI or NCIS.

Let's wait. Not speculate.

Remember the other famous (or infamous) "face eater" Rudy Eugene? Yeah, he wasn't on bath salts. And the media got that wrong from the initial reporting.

So again, let's just wait until the toxicology is reported.

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