Sunday, July 6, 2014

AMB Series of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Due to some recent illnesses and detections in herbal incense products (named Train Wreck 2 and Kali Berry 2), two newer generation synthetic cannabinoids have been added to the controlled substances list by the state of Louisiana. These are 5F-AMB and FUB-AMB.

The AMB series of compounds can be considered derivatives of the earlier AB-INACA series of synthetic cannabinoids. AMB compounds differ from the AB-INACA substances by a replacement of a primary amine with methoxy group. This change leads to a moiety structurally based off the amino acid, valine, also known as 2-amino-3-methylbutanoic acid. Valine is not produced by the human body and must be ingested via the diet.

Indole based derivatives also exist. Two of these are named MMB018 and MMB2201.

So, what's all of this mean? I don't know. And I doubt any other toxicologist or chemist knows either. Again, as with all new emerging substances, this new series has an unknown pharmacological and toxicological profile. Simply, it is just more unknown entities to add to the rapidly growing heap of unknowns.

I'll end with a question and I welcome your responses...would we be in this cat and mouse game between manufacturers and legislators if we had approached the first wave of JWH compounds (JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200) somewhat differently back in 2010-2011?


  1. Fair question, but I think it points to the overarching question - would there be appreciable demand for synthetic cannabinoids if cannabis was legal/regulated and employers stopped testing for it? I highly doubt it. The genie is clearly out of the bottle though... Hopefully nobody gets hurt/killed from consuming these "legal" next-gen synthetic cannabinoids.

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  3. In the last week Jakob and me have tested 5F-AMB by combustion on tobacco in a pipe and thermal vaporization in a crack pipe.

    5F-AMB causes two toxicities - one never yet seen in synthetic cannabinoids.

    The first is unique and it's next-day lung damage due to even the tiniest amount of 5F-AMB inhaled - even by thermal vaporization. The symptom is unique: a dry cough that worsens with use.

    The second toxicity can be found in other 5F cannabinoids such as 5F-AKB48: the body only slowly eliminates many of these molecules. However, compared to 5F-AKB48 whose Adamantyl group is easily hydroxylated (see detailed post below), 5F-AMB's methylbutanoate group (the rest being identical between them) renders it nearly impossible to metabolize.

    The result is that while even large consumption of 5F-AKB48 during previous night leaves a toxic smell on sweat the next day, it's gone by evening. In the case of 5F-AMB, that toxic smell on sweat and breath remain with very little reduction into the next day's night.

    When the body cannot break down or easily excrete via kidneys a drug, then it passively diffuses out of skin pores and lungs. That awful smell which lingers on and on and on.

    I can smell it on my hand even as I write this post and my last dose was no greater than a milligram or two close to 24 hours ago. It's a unique smell and unmistakeable.

    The remainder of my report is detailed and located here:

    5F-AMB produces unique toxicities and they last many times longer than any other synthetic cannabinoids. Unlike the kidney damage associated with 5F-UR144 which only affected a tiny fraction of users with peculiar genetics who couldn't handle the tetramethylcyclopropyl group whose unique presence in these two drugs is the unmistakeable cause, 5F-AMB contains no unique group but the entire drug structure is uniquely put together from common parts like the Fluoropentyl and Methylbutanoate.

    Yet despite the common groups, the particular combination of them in 5F-AMB yields an unexpectedly toxic molecule with very high metabolic resistance not present in other cannabinoids that make use of either the common two groups of Fluoropentyl or Methylbutanoate.

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