Monday, December 2, 2013


I am finally updating this blog again.  This time I’m going to try to stay with it.  Life happened in the early spring 2013 and I had to step away, but let’s see where this new beginning will take us.
Best regards,


  1. Hope you weren't wasting your time digging that hole to China through the ground. Don't you think it would be much faster and easier to stand outside the Great Wall and dig sideways through a weak spot? Depending on the size of your tools, you get drill through to China in a few minutes to a few days!

    and then you'd be arrested... oh well. always a fly in the ointment.

    Albert Donnay

    ps. I'm a contrary toxicologist who thinks Paracelsus was wrong and that the dose [alone] rarely ever makes the poison. Do you not recognize that alcohol, drugs of abuse and pharmaceuticals all cause effects that vary even among and even within the individuals over time depending on the status of their prior exposure-- as addiction induces habitation and withdrawal induces sensitization, while naive subjects react differently from both addicts and ex-addicts?

    So what part of tox. theory or practice do you think P. got right?