Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The comfort zone

As a scientist, I am all too familiar with my comfort zone.  You know, that area that we like to exist within, the one that feels good, is "normal" and relatively stress free...

Well, I had to step outside that zone today.  In a big way.  I generally exist in a little lab bubble with my drugs, my instrumentation and my work only exiting for a court room appearance or client education on forensic toxicology...it's a relatively stress and anxiety free environment (at least most of the time unless there is a malfunctioning mass spec to troubleshoot at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon or a troublesome attorney relentlessly badgering you on the witness stand) .

Cue Imperial Death March...

And you know what? I stepped outside it and I was fine. I excelled.  And that feels really good, not only professionally, but also personally.  This is the way we continually improve as when we are out of our element, we learn the most about ourselves.  And after-all, isn't that what Science is at its core?

Cue Superman March...

Onward and upward.



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