Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On Flakka, Gravel, and Alpha-PVP

Flakka. Gravel.

No, it’s not a “new drug”.
Flakka and Gravel are generic terms that have been used to describe what is most likely the substituted cathinone, alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, also known as alpha-PVP, PVP, or alpha-pyrrovalerophenone. It is most closely structurally related to the substances, prolintane (beta-ketone difference) and pyrovalerone (methyl group difference)
I covered alpha-PVP back in January 2014 here when "gravel" was a hot-topic in the media.
But, now we know more about alpha-PVP's pharmacology than we did even just over a year ago. Dr. Michael Taffe has covered these updates on alpha-PVP very well on his lab's blog, which can be found here. The Taffe Laboratory's site is also here.
Dr. Leon Gussow over at The Poison Review has also covered Flakka.
Because alpha-PVP is a rather important compound in my work in postmortem toxicology and has been associated with fatalities in the USA, I keep a list of all relevant papers/abstracts, etc. for the substance. This list is updated to April 2015.
1. H. Koppe, G. Ludwig, K. Zeile (1967) α-Pyrrolidino Ketones. United States Patent No. 3,314,970. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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If you know of a paper or abstract that includes alpha-PVP that I have missed, please send it to me or leave the citation in the comments and I can add it to the list.


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