Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What do we actually know about these "Molly" overdoses in CT?

News broke out of Connecticut yesterday that 12 people on the Wesleyan University campus were hospitalized after consuming "Molly".

Wesleyan campus rocked by student overdoses

I'm not going to hash out why these are examples of maybe ok to horrible reporting on the matter, but with all of the information that we actually know from these articles, the story can be reported in another, more honest way...

At least a dozen people on the Wesleyan University campus in Connecticut were sent to the hospital with unreported symptoms due to ingesting an unknown substance (only described as the generic moniker Molly) in an unknown dosage. Nothing more is known at this time and nothing will be known until drug chemistry tests on any substance seized and/or toxicology analyses on blood or urine are completed.

Until then, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!"

But reporting such as that wouldn't get web clicks, would it?

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