Thursday, April 24, 2014

C'mon media, you have to do better...

Here's a story from a few days ago about a possible "bath salts"-related death.

Narcotics Officers Keep Eyes Open for Dangerous ‘Bath Salt’ Drug in WeHo

Well, the headline says something about "bath salts" so obviously the case should be "bath salt" related, right?

And then the article states, "there is no evidence as yet that bath salts were involved..."


Also, "friends believed that cocaine with bath salts had been used by McDonald that day but couldn’t offer proof of that."

C'mon law enforcement and media, you have to do better than this. I'm not saying this isn't "bath salt"-related. I have no evidence to say it is or it isn't. I have the same evidence that the media has. Let the postmortem toxicology analyses be completed before jumping to conclusions.

To report a story, one must:

1. Find the evidence
2. Investigate and vet the evidence.
3. Report.

Don't report fallacious headlines simply because you can and especially with no proof to support such headlines.



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