Thursday, February 6, 2014

My favorite social media site: Twitter

Hi all.

Just a heads up for all you social media folks. If you're on Twitter, you can follow me at @forensictoxguy which can be found here.



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  1. Your knowledge is amazing. Every post I've read seems right on. I know nothing about toxicology, but I have any situation I am desperately looking for answers or and no one is able to help so far and hoping you can.5 months of almost daily ua urine screens. Negative for everything. Court ordered. Getting ready to get my children back and all of a sudden they say I have A positive urine UA. Confirmed at lab with lc/ms/ms. wasn't allowed to talk to the certifying scientist because they are contracted with him so the donors are not allowed to speak with him about their own specimens. I finally was able to speak with him and was told it was negative. It was below cutoff for methamphetamines 256 and amphetamine 86. It was below 100amphetamine to validate a positive I talked him into writing a letter for me explaining that and I was happy I'm not worried. Well this has made the agency very mad and now every couple of weeks they tell me that I have a positive UA but then it comes back negative from the lab then they say that I am negative ua and then they come back positive in Trace Amounts from the lab, and then I have positive UA for methamphetamines with confirmatory LC /ms /ms with zero amphetamines detected. you can call and have someone help you interpret your results and the lady from the toxicology laboratory said she doesn't know how you can be positive for methamphetamine without the presence of amphetamine metabolites. I have yet to have any answer at all but I have a feeling it is criminal activity on the agency's far as I know I am here can any substances and my record speaks for itself over five months and as soon as I'm getting ready to be done with this happening. Please I'm asking you for help the ramifications are severe I'm dealing with something that is so alarmingthey will not take into account any considerations they are riding on my lap she's reporting cut-offs for all substances I don't even know if that's illegal. I'm trying to not eat or drink anything because I'm scared for the well-being of my children. Please I need someone to look at the sheets there's four of them and the numbers and the results and explain to me non bias what is possibly going on. Thank you for your time