Sunday, January 26, 2014

News: Synthetic Cannabinoid Products Pulled From New Zealand Market

Five products have been pulled from the New Zealand new psychoactive product market. The product revokation was reported here and the specific license revokation information can be found on the NZ Ministry of Health New Psychoactive Substances website. These have the names: AK47, Anarchy, Karma, Northern Lights Primo, and Voodoo.  The active ingredients were listed as the quinolinyl carboxylate cannabinoids 5F-PB-22 and PB-22, as well as a fluorinated version of JWH-398, also known as CL-2201.

It is of note that the US Federal government filed a notice of intent to emergency schedule 4 synthetic cannabinoids, including 5F-PB-22 and PB-22, and at least five deaths in the USA have been associated with the use of 5F-PB-22.

According to the NZ Ministry of Health, the use of these products has resulted in reports of "nausea, vomiting, insomnia, acute psychotic reaction, and prolonged withdrawal". It should be of interest that eight products containing 5F-PB-22, five products containing PB-22, and five products containing CL-2201 remain on the NZ market.

What happens from here? We'll see.  As always, stay safe.




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