Friday, May 9, 2014

Update on Synthetic Cannabinoid Illnesses in TX - 2014

Here is a quick update to the earlier report on the outbreak of synthetic cannabinoid-associated illnesses in Texas.

Reported by, law enforcement in Austin, TX have stated that the products were obtained in Dallas, TX and sold by retailers in Austin. 300+ packages of products have been seized from the retailers, but analytical testing has shown that the detected cannabinoids are "not illegal" and therefore, no criminal charges were filed by authorities.

According to, the brand in question is named "The Walking Dead" and they have not yet been able to obtain a full package of the product as it is in "high demand" and a "waiting list" exists for consumers. An empty package of "The Walking Dead" product has been sent to the DEA for analysis on the residue. From my experiences with analyzing these products in the laboratory, it will be quite easy to detect the synthetic cannabinoids, even with only a residue remaining. is reporting that the product is either called "The Walking Dead" or "Dead Man Walking".

I'm sure there is still more information to come. But, if any law enforcement officials or medical folks reading this blogpost need help (or simple direction) in analyzing any herbal incense/potpourri/synthetic cannabinoid products or detecting one of these substances in biological specimens, please do not hesitate to contact me at forensictoxguy AT gmail DOT com.

And the beat goes on...

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