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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Synthetic Cannabinoids Illnesses in TX - May 2014

Recently, there  has been a series of hospitalizations in Texas over what is alleged as synthetic cannabinoid use. From this report by NBCDFW.com, it seems that more than 20 people were treated at Baylor Medical Center last Thursday due to synthetic cannabinoid usage. And then there were 15 people sent to the hospital in Austin. Seizures and violent behavior have been reported, as well as other cardiac issues.

Another report from Dallas states that nearly 120 people were treated for synthetic cannabinoid illnesses over the last five days.

David Kroll has covered these recent outbreaks on Forbes.com as well.

Here is a link to a story about a similar illness outbreak in Mississippi.

No analytical confirmation of synthetic cannabinoids have been presented to the media or published elsewhere for these cases, but I would expect that they are diligently working on this behind the scenes. Of course this is just speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised that this is the work of one of the newer generation synthetic cannabinoids such as AB-PINACA, AB-CHMINACA, or maybe even a PB-22 derivative such as FDU-PB-22. I only know of a lab or two that routinely tests for some of these newer compounds in blood, let alone urine specimens. Also, considering the cat-and-mouse games that are played with these drugs, there may be (and probably is) a new cannabinoid on the scene which we aren't even aware. We must always remember that we know very little (if anything) about the chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology of these compounds used in herbal incese/potpourri blends.

If a chemical is identified, I'll update.

Stay safe.

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