Friday, December 28, 2018

Favorite Music of 2018

Episode 5 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! is available. In this episode I list my favorite songs of 2018.

Please listen if you can. I'm slowly becoming more accustomed to recording and use of the software.

You can find the episode here or on Apple Music/iTunes or Spotify.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Hey folks! I've started an amateurish podcast called Nobody Asked You, Kevin!

You can find it on Anchor, Spotify, or Apple Music. Just search for it on your favorite app.

So far I've completed a few episodes.

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - Ice Nine Kills

Episode 3 - Thought on Stan Lee's Passing

Episode 4 - My Favorite Christmas Music

Episode 5 will be up soon and it revolves around me playing my favorite rock music of 2018.

I'll have more to say soon, but I do plan on doing some episodes about drugs and science as well. If anyone ever wants to chat on the podcast about anything, let me know. I love to ramble on about science, music, movies, and life.

Stay tuned.